Site-based programming is unique as it not only provides support to the child but the mentors as well (staff member remains on site and oversees the activities) and offers an opportunity for volunteers to serve together while allowing for one on one mentoring with a child.  

Community Site-Base.  This program allows for a group such as a church, club or organization to host a site for their volunteers to meet on a weekly basis.  This program matches adults with children, who while mentoring a child one on one have the opportunity for fellowship  support of the other volunteers as well as the club or organization itself.

The program meets at each site once each week for 1 ½ hours and provides the children with tutoring, snack/dinner and an activity that focuses on either physical fitness and/or creativity.  During the program each child is matched with a mentor who while in a group setting still spends one on one time with the child.  Site-based takes the services to the children in the housing developments and provides them with a safe and secure place to meet with their mentors.