I would like to take a moment and acknowledge Debbie and John Schiestle at Schiestle’s Auction Center.  They have helped so many children and families in so many ways over the past year.  They have done everything from making sure the kids in the housing developments we serve had Easter Baskets, they have provided bags upon bags of groceries for a couple of dozen families (they do this monthly).  They have provided snacks for the site-based programs, promoted our programs, given us the opportunity to speak to the community at their Friday Auction, as well as help with recruitment by having applications available for children and mentors at their facility. They have held fundraisers to raise money to support our Community Connections and Site-based programs. They even sent over Halloween costumes for the kids last week.

They have done all of this and are still making plans to do more.  They are having a bike raffle to benefit the agency, helping to make sure that all of our kids have a Merry Christmas and they even have a direct connection to Santa himself, who will be making an appearance at the agency Christmas Party this year. John and Debbie are wonderful people and tremendous friends to our agency. I can’t thank them enough for the positive impact that they have made in the lives of the children and families we serve.  One of the best experiences I had here at Mercer County Mentoring, was when I delivered some groceries that they donated and the Mom in the family I took them to said, “This is the best birthday present I ever got.”  That little bit of kindness from Debbie and John made a big difference in her life.