I have been an avid fan of Mercer County Mentoring since the program’s inception.  As a nurse and a natural-born caregiver, the program’s founding values, ideals and mission resonated with me as a way to bring encouragement, guidance, a sense of belonging and good clean fun to the youth of the communities served.  I believe providing positive role models and empowering children to embrace their individuality are crucial foundations of development and it is the goal of this program to bring these things and more to children in under served populations.  The activities provided help kids feel good about themselves, develop healthy habits, improve social skills and have something to look forward to.

I am proud to serve as a board member for Mercer County Mentoring because I’ve watched it grow from a handful of volunteers organizing activities out of their own pockets and the trunks of their cars into a network of caring supporters, dedicated mentors and enthusiastic children learning, playing and growing together.  Lots of smiles, friends and healthy childhood memories are being created through the hard work and dedication of these amazing individuals.  I look forward to being a part of the team as it grows to serve the needs of our children and our future.

~Patti Stout